Dimitrios Souflis

Kevin Cozens

Jonathan S. Shapiro


Download current version.

Read change log, and how to hack it (slightly deprecated, API-wise).

Also read about my view of Objects in Scheme.
Beware: The ZIP is a windows ZIP.

Assorted Stuff

Kevin Cozens has created a GIMP plug-in, called Tiny-Fu to replace the built-in SIOD interpreter. On October 15th, 2006, the Tiny-Fu plugin was rolled into the GIMP distribution.

Andrew Sorensen has created Impromptu, which is a development environment designed specifically for live/on-the-fly audio/visual collaborative programming that uses TinyScheme as its scripting language.

Some useful extensions to provide sockets, filesystem, date/time and some additional functionality, by Manuel Heras-Gilsanz.

A port of TinyScheme for the Sharp Zaurus has been written by Heow Eide-Goodman and is available for download.

The Regular Expression Extension provides your Scheme programs with pattern matching. This version offers a more full interface, due to Stephen Gildea.

For use in HTTP servers: The ssp_compiler compiles SSP (server-side Scheme) files to Straight Scheme files. SSP uses JSP tags to embed code inside regular HTML. Download ssp_compile.c. When the symbol SSP_COMPILER_MAIN is defined, it can be compiled to a standalone executable. A single function is exported:

int ssp_compile(const char *infile, const char *outfile);
that compiles infile to outfile if infile is newer.

Where it all started: download the original Minischeme distribution.

Download the TinyScheme logo from the splash page in Encapsulated Postscript format (hand-crafted): ts.eps. It is scaled to the appropriate size by gv, captured by The Gimp, where it is made transparent and saved as a GIF image.


This software is open source, covered by a BSD-style license

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