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Tinyscheme is now maintained by a number of developers, contributing bugfixes in Subversion. In addition to their continuous contributions, traces of which are now registered in Subversion, occasional contributors send patches by email. Before the code was put into Subversion, that was the only form of contribution possible. This is a list of people who have helped TinyScheme evolve during those first days.

Drew Yao fixed security errors in mk_sharp_const().

Sergey Cherepanov ported Elk's OOPS package and contributed SRFI-6 support.

Joe Buehler fixed a cast in the allocator.

Alexander Shendi moved the comment handling into the scanner, which fixed an obscure bug for which Mike E had provided a patch as well.

Kevin Cozens has submitted a lot of fixes and modifications. Check out his Tiny-Fu plugin for GIMP!

Todd Showalter has fixed a bug that caused erroneous reporting from GC.

Keenan Pepper has submitted a bugfix for the string comparison library procedure.

Wouter Boeke modified some code that was casting to the wrong type and crashed on some machines.

Brian Sheppard submitted a replacement "modulo" code.

Scott Fenton submitted lots of corrections that shut up some compiler warnings.

Brian Maher submitted instructions on how to build on OS-X

Charles Hayden undertook a porting of TinyScheme to C++, and in the process sorted out a GC bug that plagued version 1.32.

A. Shendi reported the aforementioned bug.

Richard Russo did the same.

Heow Eide-Goodman ported TinyScheme to the Sharp Zaurus. The link is available in the download section.

Stephen Gildea contributed most of version 1.30: new makefiles, source changes, source reorganization. Same for version 1.31 and 1.32.

Richard Russo fixed the Win32 part of the makefile.

Ruhi Bloodworth reported fixes necessary for OS X and a small bug in dynload.c.

Manuel Heras-Gilsanz fixed a bug of string output, and submitted an extension, to be found in the download section.

Patrice Stoessel fixed the float reader.

Dennis Taylor fixed OP_VALUEPRINT which clobbered sc->value.

David Hovemeyer fixed the gc crash when sc->verbose is true.

Tim J. Robins fixed 'substring'.

Preston L. Bannister modified 'backchar' so that constant strings can be read from. He also suggested some macro trick to ensure that the enum definition and the op array stay in sync, that I finally followed in version 1.30.

Doug Currie suggested how to make TinyScheme compile under MSVC once more. He also pointed an interesting article on implementing dynamic_wind.

Benjamin Collar has ported TinyScheme to the Agenda VR3. See the download page.

Shawn Wagner prompted me to add string->number and number->string.

Jason Felice has discovered bugs in the garbage collection of vectors. He also submitted a radically different type representation method, that relied on tagged pointers. I'm considering of adopting it (or something similar).

Santeri Paavolainen has discovered a race condition posibility when allocating many nodes at once. It is possible that GC is triggered in the midst of the allocations, reclaiming the nodes that were previously allocated. Fortunately, few such cases existed in the code, but it's a dangerous pitfall for new code and foreign functions. Fixed, (except for a single case) in 1.16.

David Gould contributed some more speed enhancements.

Kirk Zurell fixed HASPROP.

David Gould speeded up the GC which, after Andre's correction, revealed that my algorithm was inherently slow. Incorporated in 1.14.

Roland Kaufmann discovered that division by zero was reported whenever the divisor had an integral part of zero :->. The fix is included in version 1.13.

Shmulik Regev provided support for the Mac. Not yet thoroughly tested. If you use a Mac please try it and tell me. On an earlier occasion, he also fixed a bug with input ports and EOFs ending commented lines.

Alexander Shendi fixed the floating-point number reader. He also submitted an extension to load shared objects, dynload.c. It was the precursor of the current dynload.c and the dl_* interface, which I extended for Windows, too.

Andru Luvisi reported a problem with the GC, and provided a fix for it. Unfortunately, this revealed a problem with the algorithm itself.

Bengt Kleberg submitted FLOOR, CEILING, TRUNCATE and ROUND.

Andy Gaynor submitted DEFINE-MACRO.

Mark Gardner suggested the InitFile macro.

Johann Hibschmani reported the failure of the she-bang mode.


This software is open source, covered by a BSD-style license

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